Our masterplan will ensure we continue to be Bayside's school of choice and one of Melbourne's leading independent schools.

 Cornish Resource Centre

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In the 21st Century school libraries need to re-engineer themselves to meet the changing demands of students and educational settings. No longer merely repositories of information artefacts, modern libraries need to become flexible, dynamic learning environments.

We are now well advanced in our plans for the reimagining and redevelopment of the Cornish Resource Centre (CRC). Based on extensive research on the emergence of 21st Century libraries in Australia and overseas, the new CRC will feature distinct spaces for independent study, wide reading and collaborative work, as well as retaining the breadth of the current library collection. All this in a modern, modular and technology rich environment.

Year 9 Centre

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Our year 9 program provides students with a rich and engaging experience in their final year of Middle School. It is anchored by the CUE program (Community Service, Urban Exploration and Environmental Sustainability), which offers pastorally-lead and academically-informed experiences and activities to enhance students understanding of their local, regional and global community.

Our new Year 9 Centre will house state-of-the-art collaborative learning and pastoral spaces, with a range of learning areas including standing desks, boardroom tables, small screening areas and tiered bench seating. The space will primarily be used for pastoral sessions, collaborative learning/team teaching and elements of the CUE academic program.

Drama Theatre


The development of a vibrant, purpose built drama and theatre hub will enhance student learning and performance opportunities. The newly designed black-box studios will provide spacious learning areas to explore a dynamic range of physical skills, ensemble building and dance. Built to include a lighting rig, sound desk, mirrors and costume store, the working spaces will allow hands-on stagecraft experience and flexible performance venues.

An upgrade of our existing TC Woolhouse Theatre will provide a state-of-the art performance venue, and the new foyer will be an impressive entry point to all of our theatre productions, also doubling as a classroom space which opens up onto a tiered outdoor amphitheatre.