Our students don’t come to school to watch their teachers work. They come to collaborate, to create and to take responsibility for their own learning.


In the past decade of educational transformation nothing has changed more than the relationship between teachers and students, and the way information is distributed in the classroom. Where previously teachers were the main providers of content and the tools that dominated the classroom were textbooks and chalkboards, recent developments in technology have flipped the classroom on its head and opened up a whole world of information and learning opportunities.

Our intranet, STL Link, has transformed the way our teachers deliver content and our successful bring your own device (BYOD) technology program allow students to explore curriculum content, develop their own media-rich content to share with peers, and explore what is quite literally a world of learning material.

All students from years 3 to 9 bring their own iPad to school every day, while students in Senior School bring a device of their choosing. These devices are transforming the way we teach and learn. Students don’t watch, listen or read with an iPad; they create, explore, question and challenge. Apps make every learning task engaging and inspiring. From creating a multimedia presentation to developing an interactive eBook, the work students need to do becomes the work they want to do.

We were the first school in the world to introduce the App4 electronic diary solution, which allows teachers to easily communicate with their students and assist them with organisation. Teachers can ‘push’ home learning tasks into their students’ diaries and parents can access their child’s diary from anywhere to monitor their progress. Our commitment to innovation in technology has been recognised the world over with other schools regularly visiting us hoping to learn from our success.

Giving students more responsibility for their own learning has made them more engaged and better prepared in the classroom. This, in turn, is making them better prepared for their future.