The tuition fees cover all tuition costs and the charges for every student's standard program including technology access at all year levels, sport and camps.

Annual tuition fees for 2017

Year levelAnnual Fee
ELC3 Full Time$18,948
ELC3 Part Time$16,584
ELC3 Sessional$10,624
ELC4 Full Time$18,948
​ Prep$16,976
Year 1$19,348
Year 2$19,348
Year 3$22,132
Year 4$22,132
Year 5$24,188
Year 6$24,188
Year 7$27,256
Year 8$27,256
Year 9$28,548
Year 10$28,548
Year 11$29,904
Year 12$29,493

A full list of inclusions and exclusions may be viewed in the Information Handbook.