To be considered for a St Leonard's College scholarship you must submit an application form and also sit a written examination.

Senior School Students

How do I apply?

You must complete a St Leonard’s College application form for Academic, General Excellence, Leonardian, Music and Drama Scholarships (online via Edutest) and also sit a written examination as part of your application. Applications and the written examination (verbal and numerical reasoning; reading comprehension, mathematics and written expression) are administered by Edutest on behalf of the College.

Please note that applications for scholarships to commence in 2019 are now closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for more than one kind of scholarship?

You have the option to nominate for more than one scholarship category on your application form provided you meet the eligibility criteria for each.

When can I apply for Music and Drama Scholarships?

Applications are now closed for Music and Drama Scholarships commencing in 2019.

If my application for 2019 scholarship consideration was unsuccessful in Round 1 (October 2017, now closed), can I reapply in Round 2 (current application round)?

All unsuccessful applications from round 1 will automatically be reviewed during this round 2 selection process for scholarship commencement in 2019. Some families may choose to reapply in round 2 in the hope of securing an improved result in the written examination. Please note that only the most recent application will count, meaning those who reapply in round 2 (current application round) will only have their round 2 application and written examination results considered.

When will I find out if a scholarship is to be awarded?

Following the written examination administered by Edutest, some applicants will be shortlisted for interview with the Principal, Stuart Davis or interview and audition with the Head of Music and/or Drama. Offers for Academic, General Excellence, Music, Drama and Leonardian Scholarships will be made at the conclusion of the application round (usually within six weeks of the written examination sitting date at St Leonard’s College – Saturday 17 February 2018).

Please view important dates for further information.