Inspiring Alumni Stories

The 2018 St Leonard’s College theme ‘I am responsible for…’ is a cloze procedure activity which has been chosen with the intent of encouraging all College Community members to consider their many and varied responsibilities. Our College Principal, Stuart Davis, says: “Our need to develop in our students the tools and motivation to think outside the realm of self-interest is vital if individual people, communities and nations are to embrace the responsibility to act for the good of all humankind.” It is through this broader, service-oriented perspective that students will also discover a pathway to a fulfilling and rewarding life.

The Alumni of St Leonard’s College are a powerful, dynamic testament to our College vision to provide ‘an education for life.’  We asked Di Fleming (OC 1966), Executive Director of the Ducere Foundation, and the first educator to become the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year (VIC), to share her perspective on our annual theme of ‘I am responsible for…’

Di is clearly an individual who embodies the St Leonard’s philosophy and her impressive career, which has notably impacted the greater good, is demonstrative of being a true ‘global citizen.’

View the video below to hear Di’s inspiring story.