Middle School (years 7 to 9) is an important, and sometimes challenging, time of transition from child to adolescent.


Students begin to explore their sense of identity, test their boundaries, and gain an understanding of their potential and place in the world. The things learnt in Middle School can last a lifetime as students explore and discover interests that become lifelong passions.

Our Middle School programs, curriculum and environment have been specifically designed to assist students’ academic and personal development during this exciting time of change and growth. Middle School staff understand that a balance between firm boundaries and risk taking is necessary in adolescence, and specialist staff, including a Middle School Counsellor, support students at every stage of their journey.

The curriculum options available gradually expand as students move through Middle School, with each individual asked to make choices regarding their own academic programs. Throughout years 7 to 9 a wide range of electives is offered, allowing students to tailor a program to their own interests and passions, and explore a wide range of subjects before they must determine a course for their final years of schooling.

The Middle School experience culminates in the year 9 Community Urban Environment (CUE) program. This experiential learning program offers pastorally led and academically informed activities to enhance students’ understanding of their local community, and to develop an appreciation of Australia’s place in the wider Asian region. Students participate in out of classroom activities designed to develop independence, initiative and teamwork, and expose students to new experiences and points of view. The CUE program ends with the Big Experience, a three-week journey to a South East Asian country with a strong focus on service and environmental sustainability.