We have an unwavering commitment to the academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child.


Based on a philosophy of early intervention, and in recognition of today’s complex social influences and pressures, our team of highly-experienced counselling staff provides support and resources to promote the healthy development of the young people in our care.

All of our counsellors are qualified psychologists and are registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority, binding them by the professional code of ethics for psychologists.

Our counsellors are available to consult with students and parents. They also liaise with teaching staff, Mentors and Heads of House in matters relating to student wellbeing. Students may be referred for counselling where problems arise in their academic, emotional or social development. Parents and students may also self-refer.

Our counsellors can provide assistance with the following:

  • Assessments: cognitive and educational tests may be conducted to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as to guide the development and implementation of classroom programs. Behavioural and emotional assessments may also be conducted to support counselling interventions.
  • Counselling to assist with educational progress such as issues of motivation and organisation, as well as with study skills and exam preparation.
  • Social issues – relationships with peers, resolving conflict, dealing with the behaviour of others, and bullying
  • Behavioural and emotional issues such as anxiety, anger or depression
  • Family difficulties causing stress, anxiety or concern.
  • Special needs such as health, learning, loss, trauma, as well as issues of gender, identity and sexuality