Inventive LittleBIG Ideas

Many useful inventions such as trampolines and earmuffs have come from the ideas of children. This year, year 5 and 6 students at St Leonard’s College were given the opportunity to be inventors in their Science classes by participating in the Origin Energy LittleBIG Idea Challenge. Their task was to find real life problems worth solving and create suitable inventions to address them. The inventing process involved researching and refining scientific and creative ideas to design an invention that could possibly and practically solve the problem; this replicated the process which inventors and scientists use in the ‘real world’.

Amongst the hundreds of submissions from all over Australia, year 6 student Ethan Chong was selected as one of the top 12 finalists – one of only four students from Victoria in the year 5-6 category. His invention, the DodecaheDRONE, was chosen for its originality, creativity and practicality. Click here to view all finalists in the top 12.

Ethan’s DodecaheDRONE is a self-folding, dodecahedron-shaped net designed to facilitate safer and easier ocean rescue. Ethan wrote a succinct description of his invention which was supplemented with an explanatory video to explain its function, the scientific concepts involved and the many community benefits of his DodecaheDRONE.

As a finalist, Ethan receives $1000 and the College will be provided with a classroom science kit up to the value of $500.  Ethan was also featured in an article in the Herald Sun with other Victorian finalists for the LittleBIG Idea – click here to view the article.

Click here to view the official list of finalists and their inventions.

The College is extremely proud of Ethan’s accomplishments and hope that this experience will inspire him and his peers to continue thinking innovatively and creatively.