St Leonard’s debaters enjoy international success

St Leonard’s debaters enjoy international success

Two of our year 12 students, Niamh Nolan and Sam Chilcott, proved they are the best at making their point when they represented Australia at the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships, held at Ravenswood School for Girls, Sydney from Friday 7 to Thursday 13 April.

The World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships are an annual English language debating and public speaking competition for high school-level students representing different countries, reaching as far as the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Argentina, Pakistan, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, Lithuania, South Korea, Zimbabwe and Germany.

The event ran across a gruelling five-day schedule, and required students to interact as well as collaborate with like-minded peers from different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds. The challenging environment gave students an opportunity to practise their oratorical skills, as well as the chance to learn about the value of the art of expression: the ability to communicate, gain recognition and respect for one’s ideas and opinions.

Each participant competed in four different rounds including Interpretive Reading, Impromptu Speaking, Parliamentary Debating and Persuasive Speaking. Niamh and Sam both performed exceptionally well across each round, achieving overall rankings of 29th and 44th respectively.

Niamh also placed at third in the Impromptu Speaking category, while Sam placed at 13th in Interpretive Reading. What a fantastic achievement and effort from both students for taking on over 100 of the world’s best high school debaters!

It is a tremendous honour for Niamh and Sam to be representing Australia at an international event such as this one. Despite the pressure of competing against other strong participants from some of the best schools in the world, the competition highlights tomorrow’s leaders – students on a global stage who are passionate communicators and collaborators with peers from different schools, cultural backgrounds and countries.

The College wholeheartedly congratulates Niamh and Sam on their truly outstanding accomplishments at the 2017 World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships.