Welcoming Lennie’s Van to the College Community

The sunny skies matched the high spirits of students and staff as they hungrily ate their sausages whilst Lennie’s Van, named after our Saint – Leonard, stood proudly on display. For many students, it was the first time they had heard of Lennie’s Van and it was a wonderful way to get students talking about its purpose and how they could be involved in the community outreach program. It was heartening to see so many senior school students registering their interest in volunteering when services commence next year.

Lennie’s Van is a new initiative at the College open to our year 10 and 11 students, along with staff, to facilitate a community hot breakfast service for those who may be considered ‘food vulnerable or in need’ in our local community. The location where Lennie’s Van will provide its first service early next year is still being finalised. The College is working with government and relevant not for profit organisations to ensure we serve at a site that is appropriate for all involved.

Whilst it will be year 10 & 11 students volunteering on the morning services, there will be plenty of opportunity for our younger students and our parent community to be involved in the future. It may be through canned food drives, blanket and toiletry collections or used book donations. Once our morning services are well established, we will look towards our old Collegians and parent community to lead an evening meal service.

This program is being funded from the proceeds of the Community Day Fair – so thank you to the Fair committee and also to every person who bakes, stews, donates, rides, eats, plays and volunteers at the fair – all of these contributions ensure that the Fair is such a success each year and this success has turned the Lennie’s Van dream into a reality.

We look forward to sharing more information about Lennie’s Van with you in the new year.