St Leonard’s Early Learning Centre receives NQS rating of Exceeding

The ELC staff were very pleased to be awarded the highest rating for their recent assessment. Every four years The Department of Education undertakes a rigorous assessment of the quality of our ELC service against the National Quality Standards and the National Regulations. An Authorised Officer visited the service earlier this term to observe our Educational Program and Practice, Children’s Health and Safety, the Physical Environment, Staffing Arrangements, Relationships with Children, Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities and Leadership and Service Management. Our ELC service was rated as Exceeding National Quality Standard in all areas.

‘The service is acknowledged for its efforts in all areas. Children at the service demonstrated a sense of belonging and were consistently supported, through respectful and warm interactions with educators and peers. Educators across the service demonstrated a strong commitment to ongoing reflective practice which is attributed to the high level of engagement that was demonstrated by children. 

Educator’s actively promoted the investigation of ideas, complex concepts and thinking, for example, through project work that was embedded into the curriculum. The program had been developed based on sound knowledge of individual children and was relevant and respectful of each child.

Educators consistently responded to children’s ideas and play and intentional teaching was embedded within the program to scaffold and extend each child’s learning.

There was evidence of a positive work culture and provision of a professional workplace with sound administrative systems and strong leadership. This enabled educators to continually build upon their practices and knowledge and contributed to quality outcomes for children and families.’ – Authorised Officer, Department of Education and Training.

It is reassuring to be acknowledged for leading the way in the field of early childhood education and care. All aspects of our ELC were observed from our program and practice to the learning environment we create for the children.

Congratulations to all the ELC staff who through their positive daily interactions with children and families, program implementation and professional standards make our ELC a wonderful place to be for children and families!