Pippin to perform at Musical Theatre Guild

The Hart Theatre Company has once again been recognised as a leader in musical theatre performance, with the cast of the Senior School Musical, Pippin, invited to perform at the Musical Theatre Guild of Victoria’s Awards Ceremony. This invitation is a testament to the calibre of the show and all who worked on it.

From 13 – 16 May the Kevin Wood Centre was transformed into the home of the Freakshow Carnivale, and the small but dedicated and talented cast of Pippin brought magic to life as they enchanted and enthralled audiences at every performance. With an orchestra of 28 (25 of them students ranging from year 6 through to year 12) the show was a joyous spectacle of light, sound and colour.

Head of Theatre Production Kim Anderson led a talented team of staff, students and parents who all gave of their time and expertise to contribute to Pippin’s outstanding success. The professionalism and dedication of the production crew ensured the show ran smoothly, while Musical Director Philip Walsh and Choreographer Craig Wiltshire worked with the orchestra and cast to perfect each note and step. Wardrobe Technician Jillian Wilson worked her magic to robe our cast in intricately crafted costumes, adding to the visual feast of the show. Production Managers Susanne Haake and Nathan Armstrong piloted the show ably through to its spectacular closing night.

We are all immensely proud of the cast and crew of Pippin and look forward to seeing them perform again at the awards ceremony in December.​​​