Success for Hart Theatre Company at Music Theatre Guild Awards

Since its launch in 2012, The Hart Theatre Company has been recognised by the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria as a force to be reckoned with, and 2015 was no exception. The Hart Theatre Company was once again acknowledged with a swag of nominations and commendations for both the Senior School and Middle School musicals which included:


  • Junior Male Performer in a Leading Role – Christopher Burges – Pippin
  • Junior Male Performer in a Leading Role – Josh Gordon, Leading Player – Pippin
  • Direction of a Junior Production – Pippin
  • Musical Direction of a Junior Production – Pippin
  • Choreography of a Junior Production – Pippin
  • Junior Production of the Year – Pippin


Imogen O’Leary-Quereshi, Annie, Annie
Sandon Hayes, Bert Healy, Annie,

Not only was the Company recognised by way of these nominations, but the Senior School cast of Pippin was invited to perform a number from the show at the annual award ceremony held on Saturday 12 December at Costa Hall in Geelong.

It was a stellar evening attended by over 75 members of the St Leonard’s community, all of whom had the pleasure of revisiting a moment from the show. The highlight of the evening for College was undoubtedly being able to shower the remarkable Josh Gordon with applause once more as he took to the stage to receive the award as the 2015 Best Junior Male Performer in a Leading Role for his luminescent portrayal of the Leading Player in Pippin.


“Chris Burgess as Pippin and Josh Gordon as the Lead Player were mesmerising in Corner Of The Sky, supported by the ensemble, with Gordon winning the Bruce Award as Best Junior Male in a Lead Role. It was hard to believe that this was a Junior Production from St Leonard’s College and their Hart Theatre Company.”

– Stage Whispers Magazine, Music Theatre Guild of Victoria


This was not Josh Gordon’s first win having taken home the award for Best Junior Male in a Supporting Role for his performance as Lumiere in the 2013 Middle School production of Beauty and the Beast.

The Hart Theatre Company is remarkably proud of all of the troupers who perform in its productions. We look forward to the years ahead with a great sense of anticipation as new talents emerge, and with pride at what its members have already accomplished.