Grand Final Success for Senior Teams

The afternoon of Wednesday 23 March saw a fantastic display of teamwork and sportsmanship from our Senior School students in their ACS Summer Grand Finals. In what is a difficult season to pull a team together in only five rounds of competition, we had eight teams successfully finishing in the top two and earning the opportunity to compete in the Grand Final: Firsts and Seconds Mixed Touch Rugby, Firsts and Seconds Boys Basketball, Firsts Boys Cricket, Firsts Boys Hockey, Seconds Boys Softball and Firsts Girls Tennis.

The Basketball grand final with many students, staff and parents spectating, epitomised the support and spirit amongst the St Leonard’s community. The Firsts Boys Basketball blew Thomas Carr out of the water with Benji Audigé and Ryan Potter setting up the first half. Ben Tonc and Jack Garrow displayed their brilliance in the second, dominating many offensive plays and bringing the crowd to life. Firsts Boys Hockey kept it even in the first half but went down by one goal to St Michael’s. Outstanding performances by Cam Nicholson, Lewis McGann, Andrew Cole and Matt Kristic in Softball ensured a convincing victory. Despite Zoe and Rhian Llewellyn, Emily Sinyavker and Lauren Guiney winning their singles, Overnewton displayed outstanding depth and won by two sets in the Firsts Girls Tennis. Firsts Cricket led early with excellence from James Van Oosten, Blake Foreshew and Craig Clarke and managed a convincing win against Thomas Carr. The Touch Rugby squad continued their dominance with two convincing defeats over Westbourne.

Congratulations to all students, staff and coaches involved in Grand Finals and the summer season.

  • Firsts Boys Basketball defeated Thomas Carr, 44-27
  • Firsts Boys Cricket defeated Thomas Carr, 5/118-7/94
  • Seconds Boys Softball defeated Overnewton, 21-9
  • Firsts Mixed Touch Rugby defeated Westbourne, 15-6
  • Seconds Mixed Touch Rugby defeated Westbourne, 8-4
  • Firsts Girls Tennis defeated by Overnewton, 5 sets-7sets
  • Firsts Boys Hockey defeated by St Michael’s, 3-4
  • Seconds Boys Basketball defeated by Thomas Carr, 20-30