International Success for Cheerleaders

Further to the College’s success at the Australian All Stars Cheer Federation National Championships in November 2015, three students, Abby Roberts-Neeson (year 12), Tash Adams (year 8) and Emily Bell (year 8) have been selected to represent two Victorian All Star clubs at a NCA (National Cheerleading Association) competition in Texas next month.

Participants at this level require an incredible amount of skill and training, and we congratulate the girls for being selected into their respective squads. All three girls were members of the College’s 2015 National Champion squad and are outstanding cheerleaders. One of the College’s coaches – Lauren Ivett – will also be representing Australia at the ICU (International Cheer Union) Worlds competition in April this year.

We wish Lauren, Tash, Abby and Emily all the best for a very successful competition.