St Leonard’s College take out the National Da Vinci Decathlon

On Saturday 24 June to Tuesday 27 June, two teams of year 7 and 10 students travelled to Knox Grammar School in Sydney to represent St Leonard’s College at the National da Vinci Decathlon.

The da Vinci Decathlon is an academic inter-school competition that focuses on creativity, teamwork, higher order thinking skills and problem solving. Students compete in various disciplines including mathematics, English, science, code breaking, engineering, creative producers, cartography, general knowledge, art and poetry.

Our year 7 team of Damien Hookway, Zoe Roberts, Bailey Parrot, Charlie McSwain, Ryan Waites, Ethan Chong, Kane McInerney and Jenna Brown came second in the National Finals. Working in collaboration, the team demonstrated tremendous spirit and perseverance, placing first in science and code breaking, and third in art and poetry.

Our year 10 team of Emerson Hurley, Helene Zhang, Luke Russo, Laura Rikard-Bell, Ted Barrett, Tessa van Veenendaal, Jamie Papps and Issy Barwick won first place in the National Finals. This team placed first in 3 disciplines; engineering, code breaking, art and poetry, second in English, third in ideation, science, cartography and creative producers. To top it off, this is the second time they took out the title since winning first place last year as year 9 students. To win back to back championships is incontestably an outstanding and extraordinary achievement.

Both teams displayed exemplary behaviour and represented the school community with pride, as they came home this week with a large trophy and contagious grins to prove it.

A special thank you to all the teacher mentors in each discipline who gave their time and talent to prepare these students for their competitions.

The College wholeheartedly congratulates both the year 7 and 10 teams for bringing home outstanding success!