Education does not only happen within the four walls of a classroom. Our programs develop in each of our students the aptitudes necessary for lifelong learning.



Whether it’s exploring what kindness means in the Early Learning Centre, rehearsing for a music or theatre performance, raising funds for our partner school in Bangladesh, or preparing for final exams, our students are developing self-confidence, integrity, resilience, curiosity and creativity every day. We provide a physically, emotionally and spiritually safe environment, which allows students to develop a strong sense of identity and self worth.

We know that the ultimate measure of a school is the way it prepares students to take their place in world. Our young people are encouraged to consider their roles as global citizens, and the responsibilities and challenges that brings. Student-led social justice activities operate throughout the year, with all students actively involved in volunteering or raising funds for local and international causes.

We are committed to developing lifelong learners who are informed about their local, national and international community, and are ready and willing to contribute to its betterment. Our programs prepare young people to take their place in the world and make meaningful contributions to society.