Online Learning Program

Our St Leonard's College online learning model has continued to provide a meaningful contribution to our students' 'education for life.'

We are recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative schools for the early adoption and application of emerging technologies and the development of systematic, critical and creative thinking within our young people.

Our well established professional learning partnerships with leading world universities, including Harvard and the University College London, positioned our College as a leader in navigating such evolving, uncertain, and complex times.

Innovative New Technology

Timothy Barlow, Director of Technology Innovation, shares insights into our transition to online learning, and our leadership in the local, national and international education sector.

Academic Development and Advancement

Susanne Haake, Director of Academic Development, shares significant pedagogical enhancements pertaining to our St Leonard’s College online learning program.

Parental Feedback

St Leonard’s College has been overwhelmed by an abundance of positive feedback from parents across the College, from ELC through to year 12 regarding our online learning program and the high engagement levels of our students. A selection of comments are featured below*.

“Thank you for your leadership and communication. So proud to be a new member this community. Ahead of the curve as always with the exemplary teaching staff and their amazing adaptability and positivity.”

“What an amazing team and how lucky are we to have such committed and dedicated teachers. Congratulations St Leonard’s College staff on being truly outstanding.”

“Amazing roll out STL. Smooth, not a hitch! Leaders and staff amazing – open minded learners. It’s been a great start and excited that there’s yet more confirmation of what a wonderful school this is.”

“Online home learning is going super well! Thank you to all the St Leonard’s staff that made it possible.”

“I want to express deep gratitude and support for the teachers who have helped our child’s year 1 class to move online and still feel connected, encouraged, loved and supported. Our class teacher Candice has been extraordinary in her support. Above all, I have valued the warmth that the teachers have expressed for the children, letting them know that they are missed and that we are all learning together and it will be ok. I also wanted to express how impressed I was with Sue’s art lesson – she brings so much skill and joy and there’s a bonus for me now I get to go to art class too. Thank you for your leadership and all the best for the challenging decisions in the months ahead.”


*Source: St Leonard’s College Facebook Page

Student Feedback

One of our Year 5 students, Lily, sent the below email, unprompted, to her teachers the day before she resumed face-to-face teaching. Her message aptly expresses the incredible level of dedication and support that our teaching staff have displayed during the remote teaching and learning period and the high level of care demonstrated for our young people.


“Online learning has been a new different experience. Online learning has had its ups and downs, pros and cons. But I can’t wait for a new normal at school and the future ahead. I would like to give a round of applause to all the teachers at St Leonard’s College for their persistence. The teachers at St Leonard’s have not given up during this time, they have been making everything right when something goes wrong. They always are doing what is best for the students and finding ways to conquer challenges. I’m blown away by the things St Leonard’s College are doing. Thank you so much for an amazing 11 weeks of online learning and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

Lily, Year 5 St Leonard’s College Student

Some of our 2020 Year 12 College leaders share their feedback on the remote teaching and learning experience in the video below.

They share their reflections on how this experience has contributed to their ‘education for life.’