An invitation to take your permanent place in St Leonard’s College history.

We invite you to make a lasting and meaningful contribution to the cultural history of St Leonard’s College by donating to our seat naming campaign. Donations of $1,000 will be recognised with a name plaque on a seat in The Leonardian Centre.

Opened in mid 2020, The Leonardian Centre is at the very heart of our College, uniting Leonardians of today and tomorrow in the celebration of innovation and achievement, the delivery of magical performances, and the inspiring experience of community that will enrich our College culture for generations to come.

We invite members of the community to take your place in St Leonard’s College history by making a donation to our seat naming campaign. Donations of $1,000 will be recognised with a named plaque on a seat in The Leonardian Centre.

Your meaningful contribution to our seat naming campaign is tax deductible*.

Name a seat in recognition of:

  • A loved one – partner, children, grandchildren, parent or grandparent
  • A couple
  • A family
  • A graduating St Leonard’s College student
  • An alumni member
  • A favourite mentor or teacher


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all gifts eligible?
Due to limited seats, recognition will only be given to gifts of $1,000 made specifically to the seat naming campaign.

What can I put on my plaque?
Up to two lines of 25 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?
Donations made to the seat naming campaign by 30 June 2023 may be tax deductible in your 2022/2023 tax return. Receive up to 45 cents back for every dollar contributed depending on your marginal tax rate.*

How many seats can I name?
You can name as many as you like. Each incremental gift of $1,000 will entitle a donor to an additional plaque on a seat in The Leonardian Centre.

How long will my plaque(s) remain?
Seat plaques will remain in place in perpetuity for the life of The Leonardian building. If plaques are damaged they will be replaced.

How do I name my seat?
Donate online via the link below. Alternatively, please contact Roz Holloway, Head of Foundation on (+61 3) 9909 9569 or email [email protected]

To make a tax deductible donation, please click here.

Terms and Conditions

Limited seats are available and the seat naming campaign will recognise the first 511 gifts of $1,000 or more (including multiple seats for gifts made in $1,000 increments). Seats cannot be sponsored in company names. The College reserves the right to reject any seat inscriptions containing offensive or inappropriate language. The College reserves the right to remove a seat plaque at any stage in the future should the actions of the individual or family named on the plaque commit an offence under federal, state or local law or commit any act that may bring the College into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule. The removal of a seat plaque would be subject to the review and approval of the College Council and no refunds offered. Seat plaques will be produced and installed in quarterly annual batches and will be subject to production lead times. Any unnamed seats will remain available for recognition of future donors until all seats are named. Allocation of plaques to seats will be determined by the College, not at the choice of the donor. Naming a seat does not reserve the use of the seat for ticketed performances. Seat donors must still purchase tickets to performances at the Leonardian Centre, and are not guaranteed seating in the chairs bearing their names. Seat plaques will remain in place in perpetuity for the life of the building and in accordance with the College Naming of Buildings and Facilities Policy. If any of the plaques were to succumb to damage, a replacement plaque would be organised and the same terms and conditions would apply.

St Leonard’s College respects the privacy of its community members and complies with the requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Act. All information collected for the purpose of the Seat Naming Campaign will be used and stored in accordance with the College’s Privacy Policy. Full details of our policy are available on our College by clicking here.

*Please note, tax deductibility and tax rebates for donations made to St Leonard’s College Foundation and St Leonard’s College Building Fund depend on your own personal tax position and financial circumstances.