International Students

We welcome applications from international students wishing to join St Leonard's College - Bayside's school of choice.

Application Process

An International/Offshore Student Application Form should be completed by all students (regardless of their residency status) where English is not the applicant’s first language and/or where English is not the language of instruction at their current school.

Upon receipt of the completed International/Offshore Student Application for Enrolment, your child’s name will be added to the waiting list of those seeking entry in the year(s) and at the year level(s) nominated.

Please have the following documents available in support of your application:

A photocopy of the student’s birth certificate, passport, visa and/or Certificate of Citizenship

Certified and translated copies of the student’s two most recent school reports

A copy of the student’s AEAS test results or the date and venue where an AEAS test will be undertaken

Guardians should provide evidence of their authority to act as a guardian.

Copies of any additional education-related testing undertaken and any other information that will support the student’s application

An application fee of AUD $300 is payable at the time of application

You will receive an email from the College confirming your application has been successfully submitted.

Please contact the Admissions Office on +61 3 9909 9490 should you have any questions about the application process.

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Download Application Process and Application Form

For more information on our application procedure and process, please download the below document. An International/Offshore Student Application Form is also available below.

International Agents

The College works with a number of international education agents to facilitate the smooth transition of international students into Australia and into their life at the College. To view a comprehensive list of the agents with whom we work, please click on the link below.

Find out more about our International Agents >

International Fees

The St Leonard’s College international student fees and charges for 2023 are detailed in the document below.

The school year is split into two semesters (study periods). Semester 1 comprises terms 1 and 2, and commences in late January and runs through to June with a holiday break in April. Semester 2 comprises terms 3 and 4, and commences in July and runs through to early December with a holiday break in September.

Tuition Fees are payable on confirmation of enrolment for the first two study periods of enrolment. All fees and charges are GST free.

Download International Fees and Charges

To download information on the international fees and charges for St Leonard's College, please click on the below.

International Homestay

Each homestay family is carefully selected, strongly supported and closely monitored by the College.

Students aged 13 and above who are enrolling in a year 9 or later year program, may wish to enquire about the opportunity to live with a homestay family. Where approved by the College, such students may be matched with a homestay family from the College’s network of homestay families, which includes alumni, past parents and the families of current students.

We believe that the combination of our outstanding pastoral care system, extensive cocurricular offering, rich academic programs and the strength of the homestay family’s relationship will empower international students at St Leonard’s College to achieve their personal best, not only academically but socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Our homestay parents are committed to providing students in their care with a safe, connected, loving and supportive ‘home away from home’ and will treat the student as a member of their family. In addition to providing them with a comfortable private room with an appropriate study space, access to the internet, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, homestay parents will support students by attending school-related functions and events, involve their homestay student in all aspects of family-life and treat them respectfully.

Equally important is the need for our international students to strive to become a member of their homestay family. In addition to adhering to family rules and obligations, students are encouraged to discuss issues they encounter and to mix with their homestay family as they as they would with their family at home. The greater their involvement, the more comfortable and connected they will become; a connection we believe will last for a lifetime. For further details of the College’s Homestay Program and the fees associated therewith, please refer to our International Student Fees and Charges brochure.

Download International Homestay Information

To download information on our international homestay, please click on the below.

Program for Language Acquisition and Cultural Engagement (PLACE)

Our Program for Language Acquisition and Cultural Engagement (PLACE) has been developed specifically by the College to prepare students from non-English speaking backgrounds to transition from living and learning in their home-country, to moving into mainstream classes at St Leonard’s College and life in Australia.

There are four interrelated elements of the program:

Student Induction

The process of induction for international students commences after accepting of a Letter of Offer. Contact will be established between the student and teaching and pastoral staff, their potential homestay parents, and future classmates. The frequency of contact will increase as the date of commencement in the Program approaches, so as to facilitate a smooth transition into life at the College and settling into living and learning in Australia.

Community-based Homestay

Upon arriving in Australia, international students not residing with a family member or a Department of Home Affairs approved guardian may be matched with a homestay family by the College. Students aged 13 and above who are enrolling in a year 9 or later year program, can enquire about this opportunity to live with a homestay family. Where approved by the College, eligible students may be matched with a homestay family from the College’s network of homestay families, which includes alumni, past parents and the families of current students.

For further details, please refer to the International Homestay information above.

Intensive English Language Classes

Initially, international students will join Intensive English language classes scheduled as part of PLACE, within the normal College timetable. These classes are personalised and focus on the development of each student’s reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary. During their program, students are assisted with the selection of subjects and upon completion, they will continue to study English as an Additional Language (EAL). International students will attend assemblies, be a member of a Mentor Group, and participate in the College’s wide range of cocurricular programs.

Ongoing Learning Support

International students will remain in PLACE until they have attained a level of English language competency that allows them to enter mainstream classes. This transition will begin with one or more subjects and increase over time until they are fully integrated into mainstream classes. International students will also continue to receive support from their teachers until graduation, after which time they automatically become an Old Collegian – the College’s alumni program. International students enrolled at the College are not required to pay additional fees for PLACE. For further information please refer to our International Student Fees and Charges document.

St Leonard’s College is a member of the University of Melbourne – Melbourne Schools Partnership International (MSPI)

Each year through our partnership, our high-achieving year 11 and 12 international students have the opportunity to be involved in several events at the University of Melbourne. These events educate our students on future study opportunities and motivate them to maximise their talents and abilities. MSPI also offers our international students the chance to meet with university staff to support their university selection and connect with current University of Melbourne students.


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