St Leonard's College Performing Arts

The performing arts program at St Leonard's College empowers and inspires our students to pursue their passions and talents.

The performing arts is an integral and flourishing aspect of our St Leonard’s College culture. 

Through countless rehearsals, spirited performances, and enthusiastic applause, students learn the power of collaboration, discipline, and self-expression, transforming into confident performers ready to take on the world’s stages. St Leonard’s College takes pride in fostering a creative haven where every student can discover their unique voice and shine brightly in the spotlight of the performing arts. Our annual College calendar is filled with a spectacular array of concerts, recitals, musicals and theatre performances.

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Junior School Production

Each year, the vibrant energy of our youngest stars in Prep to Year 4 illuminates the stage during our highly anticipated annual Junior School production. This enchanting event is a testament to the boundless creativity and talent that resides within the hearts of these young performers. With unwavering enthusiasm and determination, these budding artists embrace the spotlight, bringing to life captivating stories and enchanting characters. Guided by dedicated teachers, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning the art of expression, teamwork, and the thrill of live performance. The Junior School production instills in our young students the invaluable lessons of confidence and discipline. It’s a celebration of their growth, both as individuals and budding artists.

The Hart Theatre Company

Guided by experienced musicians, directors and choreographers, our students in Years 5 to 12 collaborate to present five diverse performances as part of our Hart Theatre Company’s impressive annual lineup; comprising three musicals and two plays in a dynamic variety of genres. In 2013 the College became the first school to win the Victorian Theatre Guild award for Best Junior Production two years in a row. In 2015 we were again nominated for five Victorian Theatre Guild awards, including Leading Male Role, Junior Production of the Year, Best Direction and Best Musical Direction. In 2019 the Hart Theatre Company was showered with an array of nominations from the Musical Theatre Guild of Australia. Nominated in six of the seven Junior categories and commended in a further two, reflecting the attention to detail and commitment to creating productions of the highest calibre.

Our performing arts program engages students in all facets of production. They participate not just in on-stage performances, but also contribute their talents to music composition and arrangement, costume design, backstage operations, and technical roles, including sound and lighting.


Music Showcases

Our festivals, concerts and recitals are a mesmerising celebration of musical brilliance, featuring a diverse array of performances that highlight the extraordinary talents of our students. From soul-stirring solo acts to harmonious choir renditions, from the rhythmic beats of bands and smooth sounds of jazz, to the seamless synergy of orchestras and ensembles, the showcases are a testament to the depth and variety of our students’ musical talent. These music concerts and recitals not only serve as a platform for these young musicians to shine but also inspire and uplift everyone in attendance, fostering a deep appreciation for the artistry and dedication that goes into creating and performing music. View one of our music performances in the video below.

World Class Facilities

All of these productions and performances are showcased in our state-of-the art Leonardian Centre which is located at the heart of the College campus and features an auditorium that seats up to 600. The theatre includes a half fly tower housing a curtain rigging system and lights, and an orchestra pit. Behind the theatre is an agora with a large screen and an outdoor stage for al fresco performances. Designed by renowned ARM Architecture, and inspired by the world famous globe theatre, the Leonardian Centre received a commendation for educational architecture from the AIA 2021 Victorian Architecture Awards. 


House Music

One of the most valuable aspects of the cocurricular performing arts program is the tradition of student leadership. House Music Captains have the prestigious task of organising, leading and conducting their House in the annual House Music competition, which is performed at the Plenary, Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Performing Arts leaders (drama, dance, band, strings and choir) work in collaboration with staff in the management and promotion of a variety of cocurricular ensembles, concerts and productions throughout the school year.

An Education for Life 

Our St Leonard’s College music and performing arts program empowers and inspires our students to cultivate their passions, along with essential skills and perspectives that extend far beyond their school years. While honing their talents in musical performance, composition, acting, singing, and dancing, students also gain valuable lessons in teamwork, time management, independence, collaboration, and design thinking. Their music and performing arts experiences also contribute to their self-confidence and sense of belonging. 

Many graduates from our music and performing arts program choose to pursue advanced studies at prestigious institutions such as the Victorian College of the Arts, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (London), The National Institute of Dramatic Art and The London School of Musical Theatre. In recent years, two of our graduates, Frazer Hurst and Maddi Sullivan, both received Merit Scholarships at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, USA. In 2022, our graduate Anton Pokryshevsky, a talented jazz pianist and composer, commenced at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA on a scholarship, majoring in Film Scoring and Composition.

Additionally, many others directly embark on successful careers in composing, acting, and performing on stage and television, thanks to the comprehensive foundation provided by our St Leonard’s College performing arts program.

Some of our notable alumni include:

  • Kerry Armstrong – actor
  • Noni Hazlehurst AO – actor
  • Hamish Blake – comedian, radio presenter
  • Kaarin Fairfax – actor, director and singer
  • Beverly Jane Fry – international ballet dancer
  • Ryan Shelton – comedian
  • Genevieve Kingsford – actor and singer
  • Joshua Gordon – actor and singer
  • Chris Burgess – musical theatre performer and cabaret artist
  • Kate Amos – Australian Opera singer (featured in the video below performing with our students)