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  • What is High Quality Professional Learning? What is High Quality Professional Learning?
    Posted 3.04.19 in Academic

    In a world of rapid educational change, teachers need multiple opportunities to work together in environments of trust and respect in order to deepen their knowledge of what is important to teach and how they should teach it, so as to ensure student understanding.

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  • Academic Priorities 2019 Academic Priorities 2019
    Posted 27.02.19 in Academic

    Susanne Haake, St Leonard's College Director of Academic Development, shares insights into our academic priorities for 2019. These priorities include fostering conceptual understanding, encouraging student agency and responsibility, and lastly developing a growth mindset, grit and perseverance.

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  • More than an ATAR More than an ATAR
    Posted 12.11.18 in Academic

    Tertiary institutions are increasingly seeking to extend the profile of their students and are placing emphasis on selection criteria beyond the ATAR.

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