Celebrating 10 Years of The Hart Theatre Company! 

“Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.” Augusto Boal

Augusto Boal’s words, and fierce intent, ring especially true after the past two years.

Since the Hart Theatre Company’s (HTC) inception in 2012, it has been led with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication by Kim Anderson, engaging with the talents of over 300 students and proudly presenting five productions each year.

With deep appreciation and pride, for all that the HTC has achieved, we are delighted to share with you our 2022 10th anniversary season.

Supported by the ethos and culture of St Leonard’s College, the HTC insists upon the highest production values and standards, to inspire our students and help build an environment that is enriching, affirming, and inclusive for all members of our casts, crews, company, and community. Our aim, as always, is to be the preeminent destination for students of the performing arts.

The HTC is also a beacon for creativity, connection, and the pursuit of excellence.

Our team of Directors have been busy developing production designs, and together with the talents of our Costume Designer, Jillian Wilson, and Theatre Technician, Carl McKinnon, we have a season that is sure to delight and transport audiences, while reminding us of the vital importance that theatre holds in our collective lives. Our season this year offers a broad range of stories and experiences, from classic Broadway musicals to Shakespeare. We have a nod to our past seasons with Middle School students performing The Wizard of Oz and a recognition of the past two years of interrupted seasons with the 5/6 students presenting Dr Dolittle Jr. which was to be part of last year’s season.

We are so excited to share our 10th anniversary season with the St Leonard’s College community. To view the program for the upcoming season, please click here.

We thank you for your support and patronage over the past ten years – and we look forward to seeing you at each of our amazing productions in 2022.

Nathan Armstrong
Head of Hart Theatre