Online VCE Visual Arts Exhibition

It goes without saying that St Leonard’s College continues to be home to a vibrant and dedicated creative community which celebrates, interrogates, and practices the visual arts. The shiny new Leonardian Centre foyer was, this year, transformed into a temporary exhibition-space that celebrated the culmination of our Unit 3/4 Vet Creative and Digital Media, Unit 3/4 Media, Unit 3/4 Studio Arts and Unit 3/4 Visual Communication Design students.

We would like to congratulate the students on their remarkable work in what has been a challenging year. Agency, even more so than usual, has become the cornerstone of student success as the visual arts students challenged their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries. The exhibition is thought-provoking, shows developed analytical skills, problem-solving and divergent thinking. Coupled with technical proficiency, our confident visual art-makers have created work that touches the emotions and tickles the senses in ways that only creative practice can do.

Has COVID brought the world back to a time where guitar amps ruled teenaged bedrooms, where books were the gateway to the outside world, and where the creative arts spoke for a generation – maybe a little, and maybe that is okay.

Megan Hall
Head of Learning – Visual Arts