Years 5 and 6 Musical – Dr Dolittle Jr.

We are delighted to invite you to the Years 5 and 6 Musical, Doctor Dolittle Jr.

From the village of Puddleby-On-The-Marsh comes Dr Dolittle, a doctor who, after an unfortunate mishap with General Bellowes, decides that being a doctor to the animals may suit him more. He sets out to learn the linguistics of the animal kingdom and becomes one of the most sought after veterinarians in the world.

Curiosity takes Dolittle on a worldly adventure to find the elusive Great Pink Sea Snail. Dolittle is joined on his quest by a bevy of characters including Emma Fairfax and the larger than life Albert Blossom of Blossom’s Mammoth Circus.

Be prepared to see wonders of the unique animal kingdom that would even amaze Sir David Attenborough. Talking dogs, parrots and introducing the Pushmi-Pullyu, a 2-headed Llama! This is a story of discovery, adventure, warmth and laughs. Dr Dolittle Jr. is set to amaze its audiences and take the Years 5 and 6 Musical to new heights while introducing our audience to some of the most memorable characters in years.

So, take a number and take a seat, the doctor will see you shortly!

Thursday 13 October 2022
Friday 14 October 2022
Saturday 15 October 2022
Leonardian Centre
St Leonard’s College


Show begins at 7.00pm
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