Our Global Citizen Scholars

Our St Leonard’s College Foundation Scholarship program provides three different types of scholarships; for Indigenous, immigrant/refugee and socially disadvantaged young people.

Our Global Citizen Scholarships provide support for prospective students who have recently immigrated to Melbourne with their families, often with refugee status. We are delighted to share a recent update on our four current Global Citizen Scholars, Sahar and Azada (Year 12) and Reza and Safa (Year 9), all of whose families are from Afghanistan.

It is the kindness of our community that is changing their lives, providing a safe and caring education and in the future, access to university. Their education at St Leonard’s will enable Azada, Sahar, Reza and Safa to realise their dreams, bringing benefit to their families, the Australian community and their homeland. This wonderful education was enjoyed by our former Global Citizen Scholars, Michael (OC 2019), Mustafa (OC 2019), Nilab (OC 2019), Mushtaba (OC 2020) and Amira (OC 2020).

Sahar, Year 12

I don’t remember much about Afghanistan as I was very young (about six or seven years old) when we moved to Pakistan. I grew up in Pakistan as a refugee before moving to Australia.

I am planning on continuing with my studies after I graduate from high school. I want to become a neurologist and help mankind take another step towards a better world.

I am grateful to St Leonard’s College for providing me with the opportunity of getting the best quality education. The supportive environment has motivated me to work hard and not give up on my ambitions. This scholarship has brought me a step closer to my dreams.

Azada, Year 12

I grew up in Afghanistan and we left our country for Australia three years ago. I am grateful to have the opportunity to study at St Leonard’s College. This experience is something that many girls from Afghanistan have long wished for. I am currently studying two math subjects, as well as Economics, Business Management and EAL. After graduating year 12, I want to go to university and study international relations/political science. I have lots of hobbies including public speaking, debating, and writing. I also love travelling to learn more about the world.

The Global Citizen Scholarship has transformed my life for the better. St Leonard’s College has provided me with the opportunity to receive a good education and this will assist me in getting into university to pursue my aspirations. The College community always supports me, making me feel accepted, allowing me to grow and give back to the community in the future, where I hope to make a positive impact.

In the future, I want to be a leader to show the world that girls from Afghanistan are capable and we are not only victims of war. I want to see the world as a peaceful place for everyone since we all have the fundamental right to live in peace and with dignity.

Reza, Year 9

My parents lived in a village in Afghanistan but there were no priority services like clinics or hospitals nearby. When Afghanistan became more dangerous and serious, they decided to move to Pakistan. This is where I was born.

I’ve found Year 9 pretty challenging, especially starting at the end of first semester. However, the community is friendly and I have enjoyed meeting Australian students who speak with an Aussie accent. At first, it was hard to understand what they were saying but after a couple of weeks I started to chat with them.

I want to thank Mr Davis for awarding me this scholarship. It has opened a whole new door of accomplishment and this is nourishing. It has also created a pathway for my future – to get into a prestigious university and do a lot of other things.

I want to make a difference in Australia for the betterment of people and situations in other countries.

Safa, Year 9

I don’t remember anything much about Afghanistan since my family and I left the country during the war when I was very young.

Year 9 has been great so far and I am looking forward to starting Year 10 in a few weeks.

Getting a scholarship at St Leonard’s has definitely impacted my life. It has given me the opportunity to study well and to participate in different fun activities.

My dream for the future is to get into a medical school. I want to become a surgeon so I can give back to the community and make a real difference. I know that it will be challenging but I believe St Leonard’s will help me with the process.

I have different hobbies such as music and singing but sometimes I get a bit creative and start doing arts and baking.


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