St Leonards’ College Cocurricular Program – so much to choose from!

So much on offer this term – and it’s only just beginning!


The College is buzzing with cocurricular activities this term. This is not unusual in a typical year, but things are a little different since the pandemic. Students are still working out how to manage their schedules and parents, understandably, are working out how to make that all happen!

It is well documented that the cocurricular opportunities students engage in can help them to develop a much greater sense of belonging and belief in themselves. The intent of offering a wide ranging and diverse program of cocurricular opportunities helps students to find their ‘fit’ but also to push just that little bit beyond the comfortable. Learning takes many forms and students value their experiences when they enjoy the process. They may not realise it at the time, but the skills of resilience, friendship-making, flexibility, and responsibility are often learned whilst participating in a cocurricular activity.

The College is deeply committed to ensuring that every student has access to participating in many areas of the cocurricular program. Competition that teaches skill and fitness and yet also provides experiences where students can develop tenacity, teamwork, kindness and fair play is vital to a thriving cocurricular programme. These attributes are integral for overall character development and preparation for challenges to come in adult life. Sport can often provide this platform and is therefore valued to the point of being included in our regular school timetable. Student participation is compulsory and the dedicated staff and coaches involved in this area of the College are well regarded. Similarly, our facilities for other cocurricular activities such as instrumental ensembles, musicals and plays are outstanding – providing inspiration and motivation for students keen to explore their talents. Yet again, our staff and access to a variety of physical resources help to augment these experiences by which students can learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Many students in the Junior school have taken up the opportunity to get involved in their cocurricular opportunities. There are over 25 different activities on the timetable, starting in the ELC, all the way up to Year 4. In Year 5 and 6, students can also choose from a variety of sporting options where they compete against other schools as well as other St Leonard’s teams. There are over 30 cocurricular options available to these students – many of which will continue to be offered into their high school years.

Middle School students are spoilt for choice as well. With almost 40 opportunities to try out, there is also interschool sport as well as holiday camps and holiday activities such as athletics and swimming training, ski camp and many other community sport activities.

The choice widens even further in the Senior school with up to 50 cocurricular activities available for our students. From STEM and Visual Arts studio activities to music ensembles and performing arts performances, these are just a taste of what is on offer. Students can take up Golf, Strength and Conditioning, social action involvement and writing skills activities to name a few!

The opportunities do not stop in the Leonardian Centre or the College swimming pool. From Debating to Chess and Open Studio in Visual Arts, there is something for everyone to explore. Students can try joining the STEM club or coming along to Running Club. They can be a part of the Aesthetic Sports community or go along to Book Club. All our activities are gender-inclusive and almost all activities will begin in the Junior School and progress in a variety of forms through to the Senior School. We look forward to presenting our participation and performance results at the end of the year. More importantly, we look forward to seeing the students get involved, embrace the opportunities in the cocurricular space and even learn some valuable life and learning skills along the way!

Sally Northcroft
Director of Cocurriculum