ACS Swimming Champions – Again!

Congratulations to our St Leonard’s College Swimming team who won their 5th ACS swimming title in a row on Tuesday 12 March. The team won all sections (Boys, Girls and Overall) convincingly and were never headed from the first race.

Congratulations to our Head of Swimming Nic Baker, his coaches and the whole team on an outstanding performance.

The team was well led by our school swimming captains Lucy, Hunter, Isabella and Pip. There were some fantastic individual performances throughout the day, including;

  • Abbey (Year 11) who won the female swimmer of the Carnival, setting 5 individual records and 1 relay record, an incredible performance
  • Other ACS records were broken by;
  • Lucy (Year 12) in the 50metre butterfly and freestyle relay
  • Liam (Year 9) in the 50metre freestyle
  • Year 11 girls freestyle relay – Tilly, Anika, Sarah and Abbey
  • Year 12 girls freestyle relay – Pip, Isabella, Lucy and Isabella

However, it was a team effort and every one of our students should be commended for their performance.

The camaraderie and spirit of the team was terrific and they all made a solid contribution to the overall result.

Final results from the day were;

1 St Leonard’s College 2,015
2 St Michael’s Grammar School 1,749
3 Westbourne Grammar School 1,724
4 Beaconhills College 1,533
5 Loyola College 1,424
6 Overnewton Anglican College 1,302
7 Thomas Carr College 1,018

A huge thank you to all the coaches who worked hard throughout the summer season to prepare our students for the big day.

Congratulations again to all of the swimmers for another successful ACS Swimming Championships.