One of Australia’s 10 Most influential Education Leaders

St Leonard’s College would like to congratulate Timothy Barlow, our Director of Technology Innovation, on being recognised in The Knowledge Review as one of Australia’s 10 Most influential Education Leaders in 2019.

An excerpt from the article on this outstanding award is featured below.

Changing the World, One School at a Time

“Education is of utmost importance to the future well-being of our society and our entire planet, and this provides a continual and ample source of both, the motivation to do great work for students everywhere, and also unrest and a strong desire to continue to push education forwards and see it continually improve and evolve to better empower all students everywhere,” Tim expresses. This constant positive outlook cannot help but spread onto Tim’s colleagues and peers, and the inspiration his students gain from this approach of teaching is profound. Tim’s students are engaged and inspired to be their best and to pursue their own passions to their very best ability.

At St Leonard’s, the entire faculty continues working to be the best school in the world – a goal that every single school should aspire to.

For Tim personally, the goal is always to help as much as he can and do the best work he can, whatever work that is.

To read the full article, including Tim’s incredibly impressive background and his exceptional achievements in the education sector please click here to download the pdf.