St Leonard's College - Senior School

Our Senior School programs for students in years 10 to 12 are designed to support their successful transition into the world beyond our school gates.

St Leonard's College Senior School

Within a strong academic and highly supportive emotional framework, our teachers challenge students to work outside their comfort zone, developing in them the courage and confidence to master the challenges of further study, work and life. We value critical and independent thinking and strive to build self-confidence in all of our students, which is crucial to the wellbeing of young people moving from adolescence into early adulthood.

In addition to the VCE, we offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) – the tertiary entrance qualification most respected and widely recognised by the world’s leading universities. 40 years ago we became the first Victorian school, and only the second in Australia, to introduce the IBDP. Since then the Programme has enjoyed increasing popularity. An extensive selection of subjects, and our highly qualified and committed staff teaching across both the VCE and IBDP, ensure our students enjoy the best support and tuition available. We invite you to view the video featured on the page below to learn more.

Our highly experienced and dedicated Senior School teachers understand the significance of these final academic years; providing unsurpassed support to our students both academically and emotionally. Throughout the Senior School, the responsibility for the personal welfare of each student lies with their Mentor. Mentors share a strong connection with their students and the matters that may affect their progress and wellbeing. They spend time with students every day, giving them a deeper understanding of individual interests, personal circumstances, strengths, weaknesses and academic history. Our specialist staff, including a dedicated Senior School Counsellor, support our students at every stage of their Senior School journey.

St Leonard's College is renowned for providing a well-rounded education. Our Senior School students are encouraged to continue their participation in the diverse range of cocurricular offerings available to them. It is vitally important that young people maintain a healthy work-life balance, especially in the final years of their secondary education.

Our St Leonard's College Cornish Library is open to our Senior School students before and after school hours and on Sundays. This learning support also includes tutors who are on hand to assist our students during their study time in the library at selected times. These tutors are St Leonard's College alumni with a history of academic excellence.

Our exceptional academic results are driven by an unwavering commitment to nurturing our young people and developing them to their full potential in all aspects of their being. Our IBDP Class of 2023 achieved a median IBDP ATAR of 96.35, a median VCE ATAR of 87.05 and an overall combined median ATAR of 91.65.

Virtual Tour

We invite you to take a tour of our facilities to discover more about what we offer our Senior School Students.