St Leonard's College Lennie's Van

A Community Social Action Initiative

Making an Impact within our Local Community

Established in 2018, Lennie’s Van was founded on the College’s strong values of compassion and service, fostering meaningful contributions to society and awareness of those less fortunate. Our St Leonard’s College students assist members of the local community through the delivery of food services and the provision of social contact and kindness to those who may be isolated and in need of connection.

Senior School students and staff, volunteer each week on five separate services offering breakfast, lunch, a bread/fruit delivery, a vegetable drop and afternoon tea across local housing estates.

One of our year 12 students, Sophie, reflects on her time volunteering with Lennie’s Van:

“Lennie’s Van is the best outlet for tangible social action at the College. Each service I’ve done has been really fulfilling and wholesome. This developed my perspective as a privileged person with reliable housing.”


During the pandemic and lockdowns, the significance of face-to-face interactions in relation to wellbeing became very apparent. The value of social connection and kindness is immeasurable. St Leonard’s College is pleased to help and assist those who are experiencing food vulnerability and share a conversation over a meal that is served by our students.

Students gain an insight into the lives of others and become aware of situations and life circumstances very different to their own life. One of the housing estate residents was asked how they feel about the Lennie’s Van program, they shared:

“I do truly appreciate St Leonards College staff and students for their dedication in helping us. Especially knowing that nearly all residents of our estate have gone through life traumatic experiences before we finally ended up here. St Leonard’s has contributed so much in helping to change the perception of estate residents, you show that people do care and are willing to help those who are disadvantaged. This is especially important to the children in the estate, your students have truly inspired them to be better.”


Lennie’s Van not only relies on the volunteers but also on the members of the wider community and local businesses through the goods they donate.

‘Lennie’s Van Bakers’ are a team of volunteer bakers who supply homebaked goods that are served at our lunch services.

St Leonard’s College is generously provided with bread from Bakers Delight Hampton, fruit and vegetables from Hampton Fruit Market and food staples from Brighton Grocer.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the community for getting involved and being part of this special social action program called Lennie’s Van.