2022 Roma Hart Award for Excellence in Theatre

Congratulations to Henry Tan on receiving the 2022 Roma Hart Award for Excellence in Theatre.

A graduating member of the Class of 2022, Henry was an active member of The Hart Theatre Company throughout his time at St Leonard’s College. He shares his reflections below.


I’d never have guessed how large a part The Hart Theatre Company would play during my time at St Leonard’s. 

Having joined the College in year 5 with little experience of theatre, I remember being dragged along to all of the performances that year by my mother. And despite my initial reluctance, I was captivated as I watched my classmates and senior students stand on stage performing. 

Wasting no further time, I auditioned for the cast of the 5/6 musical in 2016 and was given a lead role, leading to friendships across year levels, most lasting to this day. 

My journey continued through Middle School as I auditioned and received placement in both the 2018 and 2019 musicals, but I found myself wanting more. I began searching for other ways to get involved with The Hart Theatre Company. This led me to join the 2019 Senior School musical in the orchestra pit, as well as the 5/6 musical as a member of the backstage crew. 

Despite certain setbacks, this continued into my senior years where I found theatre to be my comfort in the storm. In both the 2022 musical and play, as well as my IB Theatre class, I felt that theatre provided relief and enjoyment; when I needed a break from the study, or just wanted to have some fun, theatre gave me a circle of friends on whom I could rely, people whom I would have otherwise never interacted with. 

Though enough about me, I’ve had my chance in the spotlight, so it’s time for our next generation of performers to step up. I cannot recommend enough that every individual even remotely interested in theatre should audition, there’s an immense amount of support waiting for you if you only ask. And believe me, if they managed to suffer through me, you’re in excellent hands. 

Henry Tan, 2022 Roma Hart Award Recipient 

Henry delivered an endearing performance in The Hart Theatre Company’s 2022 Senior School Musical ‘Chicago’ playing Amos Hart, as pictured above.