Building Futures with VET

St Leonard's College: Empowering Students for Future Employment with VET

In addition to the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), St Leonard’s College offers the VET Delivered to Secondary Students Program (VDSS), a gateway to future employment and nationally recognised qualifications for our students.

VET studies, integrated into the VCE Certificate, provide a unique opportunity for practical, industry-focused training.

Students immerse themselves in various fields, such as Electrotechnology, Music Production, Fashion Design, Laboratory Skills, Carpentry and more, attending TAFE on Wednesday afternoons over two years.

They acquire sought-after employability skills while enjoying authentic, hands-on experiences in simulated work environments. These skills seamlessly transition into the workforce, empowering students to excel.

Furthermore, VET students can earn study scores for their ATAR, enhancing their academic achievements.

By completing their VCE Certificate alongside gaining a transferable qualification, students open doors to diverse career paths across Australia.

Individual success stories abound within the current program:

Ginger is pursuing her passion for fashion, Dion is exploring the world of electrotechnology, Sophie is expanding her scientific expertise, and Tom is honing his carpentry skills. Beth, Jasmine, and Alana are mastering the art of music production, while Cleo is delving into the realm of beauty services.

Caitlyn and Darcie are unleashing their creative energies through dance, while Finn and Ben are creating captivating content with their digital media talents.

Leading this dynamic program is Mary Grande, an experienced teacher and dedicated VET Coordinator, who guides our students towards success.

At St Leonard’s College, VDSS ignites a passion for learning, propelling students towards a promising future.


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