Lennie’s Van Christmas Biscuit Drive

By Rebecca Wilson, St Leonard’s College Community Projects Coordinator

Lennie’s Van is once again planning a delivery in early December to share holiday wishes and our thoughts for a safe and happy 2024 to our patrons.

College community members are invited to bake either Shortbread Biscuits or Gingerbread that can be distributed on the estates. For uniformity and to monitor allergy advice we are asking you to please use one of the following recipes (please click on a recipe below).

Gingerbread Recipe

Shortbread Recipe

If possible, we are requesting each biscuit (or biscuits) to be individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and sealed (with a ribbon or similar). If you are unable to individually wrap, please provide goods in a disposable plastic container and we can wrap them.

If you (or your family) are able to participate in this project, please email Rebecca Wilson at [email protected]. We are planning on over 300 deliveries to the units on the estates so if you can bake a batch or two of cookies we would be so grateful for your support.

Biscuit deliveries are welcomed in the week beginning Monday 27 November via student drop off to either Main, Junior School, Middle School or Senior School Receptions.

If you would like to include a card with well wishes please do, and this will be passed onto an individual who may have been doing it tough this year. Lennie’s Van services enable us to reach out to isolated members of our community. 

Thank you for your support.