Living and Breathing Wellbeing at St Leonard’s College

St Leonard’s College is deeply committed to prioritising the wellbeing of our young people. Our new Wellbeing Centre, along with various initiatives aimed at supporting our students, are a resounding testament to this.

In August 2023, our brand-new Wellbeing Centre opened its doors, dedicated to enhancing the student experience. This welcoming and secure space is designed to offer a wide range of benefits, ensuring students’ unique needs are met effectively.

It provides comprehensive and flexible support services tailored to individual requirements, whilst also encouraging a sense of community and connection through group programs and peer interactions – essential elements for overall wellbeing.

A standout feature of the centre is its meticulously crafted living green wall. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this green wall significantly improves air quality by filtering impurities and reduces ambient noise levels. More importantly, it acts as a catalyst for enhanced wellbeing, creating a tranquil environment that promotes relaxation and stress reduction.

In 2023, we also welcomed three new counselling staff members, introducing a more centralised approach to our counselling services. Instead of being confined to specific school levels, our counselling team now works across various schools and year levels. This approach gives students the flexibility to choose a counsellor based on their preferences, ensuring a better engagement experience. It also enables our team to match students with counsellors possessing specific skill sets, providing continuous and personalised support as students transition through different phases of their education journey.

To read more about our new Wellbeing Centre and our wellbeing initiatives at St Leonard’s College, please click here.