Promoting Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity at St Leonard’s College

The newly formed St Leonard’s College International Students Committee led by year 12 students, Lilac M and Tommy Z, aims to create a platform to advocate for cultural diversity and a sense of unity through fostering connections between students from different cultural backgrounds.

The committee was recently recognised at a Senior School assembly and consists of students in years 10 to 12 from different countries and cultural backgrounds including France, Singapore, China, Afghanistan and Turkey.

Students coming to St Leonard’s College from different countries face unique challenges when they first join our community such as language barriers, cultural differences, difficulties in forming social connections and a lack of familiarity with the Australian education system.

The International Students Committee is dedicated to assisting new international students to establish a sense of belonging. The members of the committee seek to create a culturally inclusive and welcoming environment where every student can proudly share their heritage.

Currently, the committee is working on a short film highlighting the many languages spoken in our community to celebrate Languages Week. Students from the committee have developed a list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for new students joining the College from overseas to assist with their transition.

Students have also shared their own experiences at recent assemblies. Safa R in year 11 recently presented at a Senior School assembly about the significance of Nowruz, Persian New Year, in her culture. Whilst Tommy Z shared his experience of navigating a new culture as a Chinese international student at St Leonard’s with the years 5 and 6 students.

The committee’s primary goals are to increase the visibility of cultural diversity at the College and to organise events in the future to promote inclusivity. Some of the committee members share their thoughts below.


The committee supports students by providing various resources and initiatives to help them overcome challenges and thrive in a culturally diverse environment, enabling students to feel more connected throughout their journey. I faced some challenges when I first started at the College, therefore I would like to help new students by making the transition process easier.” – Tommy Z, International Students Committee Co-Captain, Year 12


“What I love about the committee is that I have the opportunity to share my thoughts as an international student with the St Leonard’s community, such as through the language film project we are doing at the moment. It is amazing to be able to contribute and initiate projects. This experience allows me to practice essential skills that will be valuable in the future.”  – Brianna Y, Year 10


“I joined this committee because as an international student myself, I think St Leonard’s College needs to have an international committee that can help us study abroad in Australia so that all international students can feel welcome and feel at home.” – Harrison L, Year 10


The committee welcomes all students who have ideas to join the weekly lunchtime meeting (Day 6 – Room S1.4).


For parents or students seeking more information on this committee, please feel free to contact Adam Quayle, Head of PLACE (Program for Language Acquisition and Cultural Engagement) and International Homestay Coordinator via email at [email protected]