St Leonard’s College Foundation Annual Giving Day

On Thursday 1 June at 9.00am, we commenced our 24-hour Annual Giving Day campaign seeking our community’s support to Give the Gift of An Education for Life by raising funds for our Foundation’s Indigenous, Global Citizen (refugee) and Leonardian (socially disadvantaged) scholarships.

Every one dollar that was donated was doubled thanks to our passionate community members who matched contributions dollar for dollar until we reached our fundraising goal of $170,000.

As of 2.30pm on Friday 2 June we have raised $180,000. Thank you so much to our community for your kind support.

We would like to thank all those who volunteered their time throughout the campaign, including parents, Old Collegians, staff, and council members.

Special thanks to our generous matcher donors and to all of our wonderful community, who donated to this year’s Annual Giving campaign.

Your donations provide life-changing opportunities to very worthy students.

Jen Neate, Chair of the St Leonard’s College Foundation shares a heartfelt message of thanks below.

Visit to donate, or to view the campaign details and donor listing.