Vale Alan Ross

St Leonard’s College would like to acknowledge the sad passing of Alan Ross and extend our sincere condolences to Alan’s beloved wife, Kirsty, his children, grandchildren and extended family. 

Alan’s connection with St Leonard’s College commenced during his school days when his then-girlfriend Kirsty Forster was a student at the College. Alan later married Kirsty, whose father, Murray Forster, was an important figure in our school’s history, further intertwining their lives with the College’s heritage. Alan and Kirsty’s two children, Angus (OC 1994) and Chelsea (OC 1992), both attended the College.

Alan embarked on his teaching journey at the school in 1973 as a history and geography teacher. His passion for education thrived at St Leonard’s, and he rose to the position of Headmaster of School (Assistant Principal) before his departure in 1988. 

In the classroom, Alan skillfully blended seriousness and levity, infusing his teaching with dry wit and a great capacity for fun. His charismatic presence inspired many of his students to develop a lifelong interest in politics, a subject he taught at the senior level for numerous years. Alan’s former students fondly remember his guidance and remain deeply grateful for his influence. 

Alan’s legacy is measured not only by the vast knowledge he imparted throughout his career as a gifted teacher but also by the lives he touched and the depth of inspiration he ignited. His endearing warmth and genuine care for his students shall not be forgotten.

Alan was not only an exceptional educator but also a cherished colleague, mentor, and friend. His impact on the St Leonard’s College community will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy and support to Alan’s family during this difficult time. 

A memorial service for Alan will be held at 2.30pm on Thursday 22 June at the Sandringham Yacht Club. 

Kirsty Ross (OC 1962) warmly welcomes all those who would like to attend.



Photo above features Alan eating a snail during Bastille Day celebrations. The students were mightily impressed!




Photos featured above are from the St Leonard’s College Archives.