Visual Arts at St Leonard's College

The Visual Arts program at St Leonard’s College is delivered by exceptional teachers with unrivalled passion and dedication.

Our students enjoy extensive opportunities to explore and develop their creative talents and build impressive portfolios as foundations for their future careers.

The visual arts provide an inspiring platform to communicate ideas, concepts and meaning, pervading countless careers, industries, and organisations; from small enterprises through to global corporations. The world’s most technologically advanced products incorporate elements of design, and rely on creativity to communicate and connect with their market.

Colour, tone, texture, shape, form, line, time, sound, and light, are all tools to the designer, the architect, the advertiser, the research scientist, the events coordinator, the historian and so many more.

In this modern and complex world, the capacity to think creatively and innovate has never been more vital.

We invite you to learn more about our Visual Arts program.

Take a virtual tour of our Visual Art Centre, viewing the outstanding array of subjects on offer via the downloads, or enjoy the videos of our exhibitions.

Visual Arts Centre - Virtual Tour


2023 Senior School Visual Arts and DigiSTEM Exhibition

2023 Junior School Art Exhibition

2023 House Art Exhibition

IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition - ‘40 Years On’

2022 McMillan House Art Exhibition

2021 VCE Online Visual Arts Exhibition

Please click here to view.

2021 International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Exhibition

2021 Middle School Visual Arts Exhibition

2021 Junior School Visual Arts Exhibition

2021 House Art Exhibition

2020 VCE Visual Arts Exhibition

2020 International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Exhibition